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Spreader-Bar Rough Fucking

I have Kiki suck me off then I get right to pounding her tight wet pussy. First in missionary then in doggystyle, then I flip her on her back and pound her from the edge of the bed.

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Sophie In Sinn

I fuck my step-mom in retaliation for her bursting into my room without knocking and berrating me for masturbating. It's my room, and it was my house first! Rough sex

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Hard Rough Fucking For Traffixx

Facefucking leads to hard missionary and choking, then doggystyle pounding, more dick gagging, and fucking her again.

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Ass To Mouth Degrading Anal

I make Grimy gag and drool over my cock before I shove it in their ass, and pound them with their mouth held wide open by my hands. W lots of ass to mouth.

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Passionately Fucking
On The Stairs

Codi and I go upstairs to fuck in the bedroom but we can’t even make it halfway up the staircase before we have our hands all over each other.

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Fucking the Maid

I have a maid come over every week to clean my house, but this time they sent a new girl. Turns out it’s punishment from her boss for doing a bad job at her last house, as her boss knows I fuck every maid that comes over to my house!

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Finger Gagging Cupcake

Cupcake comes over for what she thinks is a dentist appointment, but is actually me putting a dental gag in her mouth and checking her gag reflex. Turns out I’m not a dentist, but a fuckdoll inspector seeing if Cupcake is a good candidate for our new program.

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Fucking The MILF Downstairs

Dee comes over to see what all the noises she's been hearing are. Turns out, it's just all the sex I'm having

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Pillow Fight Fuck

Lucy and I are having a sleepover and decide to have a pillow fight. Pillow smothering, fucking, blowjob.

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Found Mommy's Sex Toys

I walk in a little Lucy LaRue playing with my sex toys!! She wants to play with them too, so I teach her how to use them, but I know at the end I still have to punish her for getting into them

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Sisters on Vacation

Me and Cara are on vacation with our family, and today we’re going to the beach! I woke up with morning wood, and I can’t go to the beach with my erect cock!

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Double Spanking

Eliza Casey and I go at Wolfie’s ass with our hands, fists, floggers, canes, and more!

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Rough Sex With Claire

I go over to Claire’s to fuck her rough and passionately

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Sophie and Xoe Senusal Fuck

. We start out kissing on the couch then begin feeling each other up. Xoe gives me a blowjob and I fuck them in missionary and doggystyle on the couch.

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Sensual Dinner Date

Cara sucks on candy and my cock and then I fuck her on the kitchen table

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Mommy Diapers Better

Kiki is sad because her daddy isn't around to diaper her, but I tell her I diaper better than daddy - cuz I also fuck her!/p> Clips4Sale // ManyVids // PH

Intimate Anal With Lucy

Watch as I fuck Lucy's ass from multiple angles and make her pussy incredibly wet. Look how small Lucy looks in my arms, and how she desperately fucks herself onto my cock.

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Reward Spanking With Karla Karess

A very cute and wholesome spanking scene with lots of laughs and giggles

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Capture Pt. III -
Throat Test

The last test by the Doctor before Lucy gets sent to the auction: making sure that she can take dick down her throat like a good piece of fuckmeat.

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Capture Pt. II - Physical

The Doctor does a checkup on Lucy, making sure she is ready to be fuckmeat. A speculum in her pussy to check dilation and running scalpels along her breasts, pussy, and nipples to check her fear responses

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Capture Pt. I - Abduction

Lucy has been captured by the sadistic Doctor and taken to the fuckdoll clinic to be forcibly fucked

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BDSM Fucking w/ Lynx

Start out tied up paddling, flogging, choking, tit slapping and punching, painful nipple clamps, facefucking over the edge of the bed, and fucking in various positions. Ends with me cumming in her mouth

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Mommy Uses Her Little FuckDoll

I catch Kiki masturbating using my vibrator, and she knows what happens when I catch her touching her princess parts without permission: I get to use her as my fuckdoll until I cum.

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Anal w. Zia

Hard mean sex. After canning her until she cries I fuck PS’s ass on the cold hard ground until I cum inside her.

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Punishment for Zia

A hard brutal punishment with hands, a cane, and a paddle. Ends with intense face-slapping with makes them cry

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Mouth Fetish and Gagging

I stick my fingers in Luna's mouth, covering her face in her own spit and making her gag

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Saying Hi Facefuck

I greet Alice Rivers by walking into her house and fucking her face

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All About Ass

I eat Lynx’s ass then put a butt plug in and give her some good spanks with a paddle and my hands as she grinds on a vibrator. End of the video I take out the butt plug and make her suck on it as I slap her face.

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Lesbian Hookup With Freshie Juice

Me and Freshie hook up in her bed in her FIRST EVER on-camera penetrative sex with another person. I go down on her and eat her delicious pussy, then she goes down on me and gives me a wet and sloppy blowjob. We fuck in missionary and doggystyle

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Teaching My Virgin Sister
To Suck Cock & Take Dick

My step-sis is worried she won't be able to do a good job for her boyfriend, so like any good older sister I volunteer to teach her.

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Giving Tiny Teen Emma
An Anal Creampie

In this video I eat Emma’s ass for the first time, give her some spanks, and then pound her asshole until I cum.

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In Bed With Selina and Nickey

Hot threesome action where Selina and Nickey blow me and I fuck both of them

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Blowjob From Emma

Hot scene where Emma Hansen gives me a blowjob. I start off soft and you get to watch me get hard as she plays with my dick. Emma gets deep down on my hard cock and gags several times, scene ends with me cumming in their mouth~

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Painful Fuck For Jude

This scene starts out with me facefucking Jude as I make them gag and choke on my dick. Then I put some clothes pins on their labia, which was already sore from being flogged in the previous scene. I then fuck them hard, making sure to play with the clothes pins and push on them.

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Pain and Punishment w/ Jude

Spanking, slapping, flogging, pussy flogging, nipple clamps on both nipples and labia, lots of mean painful things. I get to hurt her a lot and it’s cute to watch her reactions.

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Threesome with Cupcake and Rob

Threesome with Cupcake Sinclair and Rob Yaeger. We spitroast Cupcake and Rob fucks her in the ass. Ends with Rob cumming on her chest.

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First Fuck w. Emma Hansen

The first scene that me and Emma Hansen (@EmmaBaby420 on twitter) have filmed together! Contains: Kissing, breath play, light boob play, teasing, fingering, squishing, size difference, fucking, penetration shots, cum inside her.

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Hardcore Hookup w/ Jude

Me and Jude fuck, and we fuck hard. Starts with makeouts, choking, and tit slapping. I toss Jude around the bed as I continue to kiss, choke, and then slap their face. Jude sucks me off and I fuck their face. I pick Jude up and fuck them while continuing to choke and slap them. I fuck her doggystyle, choke her, stick my fingers in her mouth, and shove her face into the bed as I pound Jude hard.

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First Time She Called Me Mommy

A real-couple sex tape of me and Luna, one of the first few times we ever fucked, and the first time she called me mommy~
Fucking, choking, and Fucking, choking, and oral

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DPing Lydia Black

Watch me and Rob Yaeger DP Lydia Black in her first TS scene!

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Cunnalingus From Her POV

I go down on Chelle until she cums! Oral from her POV

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In Bed With Selina Kyl

Hardcore sex tape with Selina Kyl in her bed. Kissing, blowjobs, fucking.

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Candid Morning Sex

We start fucking, and then a few minutes later I get up and turn on the camera. Real, raw sex.

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Post-Date Fuck

Me and Xaya hookup on the couch after a date. Oral, blowjob, and as always, hard fucking.

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Double Penetrating Summer Hart

Me and Summer make out while Rob jerks off in the background. She begins to suck me off, and then Rob joins in the fun. We spit-roast Summer and fuck her in a variety of positions until we ultimately DP her. Ends with me and Summer in 69 while Rob fucks and cums in her ass.

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Dress Code: Punished n Fucked

Luna is in violation of dress code, so she goes to see the Dean of Students, Ms Sophie Ladder. Ms Ladder explains that the school has a strict dress code policy and that Luna must be punished. She is spanked, fingered, and fucked hard.

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Sorority Initiation w/ Xaya Lovelle

Xaya wants to join prestigious sorority Alpha Sigma Sigma, but Sophie needs to make sure Xaya understands the high standards that A.S.S. members are held accountable to. Facefucking, gagging, and taking dick

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Throat Fucking Alice Rivers

I alternate between fucking Alice's throat and having her deepthroat me herself. I can feel me dick sliding in and out of her throat as I fuck her, and I can feel her throat clench up around my cock as she gags on it. She gags a lot in this scene, and lots of nice thick spit gets all over my cock and herself.

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