Model Release Forms

These are variations on the co-model release form provided by ManyVids and Pornhub, with restrictions added on how low content can be priced for, if you can upload it to free sites - or a maximum number of minutes you can put up for free, and a single NDA clause that says you won't publicly reveal the other model's name or address.

Online Model Release Generator

2 Model Shared Rights PDF

Google Doc

4 Model Shared Rights PDF

Google Doc

8 Model Shared Rights PDF

Google Doc

Exclusive Rights PDF

Google Doc

Useage / Attribution / Editing:
You may use this release for any work, personal or commercial, independent or studio. You may create your own edits without requesting prior permission. You can fork the digital release [on github]. You may share these in your group chats / advice blog / etc.

2257 Forms

Online 2257 Form

One-Page 2257 PDF

Other Resources

Collab / Film Tracking Template

The Model's Guide to Clips4Sale

The Model's Guide to Clips4Sale

Clip Sites vs. Fetishes

What type of content is allowed on what clip sites, updated regularly.

Fetish Generator

Press the button and it spits out three random fetishes from a list of over 1,000. Useful for having fun or coming up with an idea for your next video!